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We work where ideas, practice and policy intersect. Where we see that new thinking is required or where there are unexplored opportunities, we are proactive. We build partnerships to develop and test ideas which open up opportunities...



Shared Enterprise Clubs


Since September 2016 we have organised and facilitated Shared Enterprise Clubs. Shared Enterprise Clubs bring people together, especially those who are vulnerable and marginalised, building up their confidence and empowering them to explore their entrepreneurial potential.


Through a unique mix of games, activities, projects and workshops, participants learn from, inspire and mentor each other. They make connections and build social networks with their neighbours, based on their common interest in developing their hobbies and interests.


Shared Enterprise Clubs have a transformative impact on participants, but their impact does not stop there. The community benefits from their projects and the new businesses that emerge from them are a boost for the local economy.

European Migrant Advisers Toolkit (EMAT)


Accessing the high quality advice and guidance which they need has always been difficult for migrants. With increasing pressures on them, advice agencies are becoming harder pressed and even less equipped to meet their needs.






The growing numbers of new programmes and services aiming to help integrate new migrants into host communities and countries too often lack a high quality Information, Advice and Guidance element geared to their needs which can deliver the  support they need to help them make informed choices about their education, training and employment options. This led to the idea for developing a European toolkit for information, advice and guidance providers.
The project, which involved partners from five EU countries, was funded by the EU Leonardo da Vinci programme. You can find out more here below




EMAT Toolkit


Guerrilla Learning














Liminality and Educational Entrepreneurship  (LEEN)







COMPASS project


Shared Enterprise CIC is the UK partner in the COMPASS project, which is supported by the EU Erasmus+ programme.


The aim of the project is to develop a targeted, practice-oriented exchange of experience be-tween tourism operators of the participating European partner regions on the general subject: “Training and qualification requirements for employees of micro and small tourism en-terprises in barrier-free tourism” with the help of training and further training experiences.


Further information about COMPASS is available through these links…







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